Title Expansion

As of January 2017 Infinity Forge has unveiled our new Title Expansion program! This application is for individuals, teams, and smaller organizations who wish to represent the Infinity Forge name, and/or want to expand the brand into a new title! Every inquiry will be handled with the utmost precision and speed, we cannot guarantee acceptance once an inquiry is made. However, we can guarantee that management will look through the application in excruciating detail. At this time we are primarily a mobile based esports organization, but we will look at every opportunity presented to us.


On your applications we expect professionalism, any inquiries that seem "unsuitable" or appear to lack substance won't be taken seriously. Our new family members are expected to be ambitious, passionate, kind, professional, and knowledgeable. We wish to work with the best, those who deserve an opportunity to be taken by the hand and uplifted into the esports scene and given a chance to shine! Could that be you?

Best of luck!

Full first name & last name initial is preferred, but not mandatory.
Be as detailed as possible.
If your title doesn't require a team, please state so now.
You can also list personal accomplishments.
Twitter is preferred.
If yes, where? Include a link to your channel!