Sponsors & Partnerships

This is our ever growing list of friends & sponsors! We look to expand this list at every opportunity, and we are proud to mention our partners as we pursue excellence together.


BAND - The Ultimate Mobile Community for gamers: clans/guilds, eSports teams and streamers! Join the Infinity Forge BAND and join in the fun! (http://band.us/@infinityforge) or click the image to take you to the BAND!

TECH ARMOR -  The world leader in mobile protection! From the best screen protectors money can buy, to phone cases, and even power banks, everything Tech Armor makes is premium quality and affordable! Click the image to check out their site! Use code (CUPID15) for 15% off!


VIBBY - The Ultimate weapon for esport teams and organizations! Whether it is used as a tool for film study, coaching, or even highlighting funny or awesome moments. Vibby is the perfect platform for esports! Click the image to check out our Vibby profile! 

MIXT ENERGY -  The energy drink of choice for Infinity Forge. MIXT Energy is the no sugar, no caffeine, clean energy for those who are out to get after greatness. Whether it be in the gym, the library/classroom, or to dominate a gaming session, MIXT is the best choice. It's for game changers, hustlers, and winners, sound like you? Grab some and use our code (INFINITY10) to save yourself 10% on your entire purchase! Wanna see their website? Click the image to be taken directly to MIXT Central!