New Infinity Forge C-Ops roster!

In the ever evolving word of Mobile eSports roster change is inevitable. In the budding mobile eSport Critical Ops roster fluidity is the norm. Here at Infinity Forge we had the pleasure of having many talented players on our Critical Ops team overtime. With iF Koko2K & iF Voltz being our longest tenured members. The only difficulty we had was while we always had talented players under our banner, the players themselves changed frequently, and synergy needed to be constantly redeveloped. But, after a talent search conducted by Captain "Koko2K" we have solidified a roster with which we are excited to compete and grow!

Today, we're proud to announce our new Critical Ops roster: 

iF Koko2K - Twitter - YouTube

iF Voltz - Twitter -  YouTube

iF Litt - YouTube

iF Xizt - Twitter

iF Neptune - Twitter

iF Shockz

iF Beast1

Above your can find our team members with their social media (if applicable), and any content creation links they wished to share. We're excited to watch these guy perform, as we know their potential is limitless. Welcome to the #InfiniteFam!