Critical Ops 

Critical Force's premier shooter in the mobile genre looks to follow the footsteps of international PC sensation CS:GO. At this point the trajectory of C-Ops as an esport is sky high, and here at Infinity Forge we look to be right in the middle of the action. While we may not always be in need of players to complete our active competitive team, we are ALWAYS accepting applications. We do try to reply to every inquiry, but we prioritize detailed applications so please keep that in mind. 

The minimum skill tier to be considered for the Infinity Forge Competitive team is: Diamond+

If you aren't the minimum skill tier don't let that discourage you from applying, we're always looking to help develop talent when the situation is right! 

When clans are released and available in game we will begin open recruiting for casual members, the minimum skill tier for casual clan members is: Platinum+

Best of luck to all who apply!

First name, initial for last name is fine. Ex: David M
How much time can you devote to playing or practice? What days, and around what times?
What role(s) do you play on "T" side?
Check all that apply, competitive inquiries only.
What map(s) do you play on the least?
Check all that apply, competitive inquires only.
How do you Communicate with your Team?
Check all that apply, competitive inquiries only.
If yes, please include a link to your channel!