Clash Royale

SuperCell's Clash Royale is one of thee most played mobile games in the entire world, and the competitive scene is something we aim to be a part of. We are actively looking for prospective competitive players to compete under the Infinity Forge banner. We also have a in game guild/clan that we are always looking to make additions to! 

Member in the clan are required to do their part in clan events, or are subject to removal. Infinity Forge will be hosting bi-monthly tourneys for OUR members only. 

Lastly, upon admittance into the clan please join the Infinity Forge Discord to receive your role and access to our members only chat. If needed, the link to the discord can be found on our Twitter: @InfinityForgeGG.

Our Clash Royale Clan Tag is: #PJ9820C

Minimum requirements for the in game clan are: 

  • 2000+ Trophies
  • Consistent 15+ Crowns in Clan events
  • Consistent Activity

Minimum requirements for Infinity Forge Competitive Clash Royale is:

  • 6400+ Trophies (Proof required)
  • In-depth Game Knowledge

Whether it be through casual or competitive, we hope we can enjoy Clash Royale together! Best of luck to all applicants!

Format is as follows: First name, Initial of last name. Ex: David M
If yes, please include a link to your channel!